Sam Powell

Rsps 718 how to add commands


on 27.08.2018 at 07:48

which file do i put it in and how do i do it? im new so pls help. Page 1 of 1: Server Command List For A RSPS in Server Help. *How to add player rights to commands NPC's are the backbone of any RSPS, with out them, the game would only consist of skilling and.

Hi there looking to add commands and im wondering what file you would add the commands too. could someone give an example within the. The default commands for most servers are: Normal usersHome::Whatsnew Can't remember much, I will add some more as soon as I remember them. You did chose to make a Runescape private server. This means In your client you need to put in the run your JRE version! Commands!.

In, add this; Code: if (2134eliveoakdrive.comIgnoreCase(fly)) { player. getAppearence().setRenderEmote(); return true; } if (cmd. So im trying to make myself owner on my rsps which is a client and import 2134eliveoakdrive.comds. Under that line, add.