Sam Powell

Nokia 3210 classic whatsapp


on 10.09.2018 at 22:40

And the phone is now powered by Nokia Series 30+ than the old retro phone. Sadly, you cannot download WhatsApp in Nokia officially. But thing is that. I want to use whatsapp application on my nokia classic phone. In reality, Nokia Classic version is NOT compatible to run whatsapp app read. Nokia introduced at the Mobile World Congress its Nokia A vintage phone that is already available in the market for indian rupees or.

Leaks reveal that the 4G-enabled could be running Android-based YunOS operating system. Is it Possible to Download WhatsApp on Nokia ? It's no more a basic phone but a modern classic feature phone that can be grabbed at. The latest version of the Nokia , released by Finland-based firm £50 phone is set to ship with 4G and could connect to WhatsApp . While this is still fun, its more modern graphics slightly detract from the old-school classic. One of the first phones without an antenna, the Nokia sold over.

A new version of the Nokia mobile phone will have 4G and may be compatible with apps such as WhatsApp. The original was. Seventeen years after the original landed, the new Nokia is on shelves today. With a design faithful to the original, a £50 price tag and a.