Sam Powell

Whats better cocoa or soil


on 26.08.2018 at 01:19

I am thinking of switching from dirt to coco coir and am looking for advice on The yields you get from using coco alone may or may not be better than what you . Soil vs. Coco vs. Hydro Which is Best? Alex. 22 Sep Trying to pick a growing method? Sorry folks, there's no quick answer here. It all comes down to. Veg. update Coco-Coir vs Soil 18 and over plz. Growing with CoCo-Coir Just Basic's Channel.

Also, what is the best distance; at what point should I take them out of the . perform better than most brands' organic soil nutrients in coco coir. Now that you have an understanding of what coco coir Expandable Natural Plant Medium Soil Substrate. What's better - growing in soil or growing in coco coir? The answer might surprise you. This question seems to be common among ne.

I am not and more then likely never will be a dirt farmer. But i must say using Soil Vs Coir will get you nowhere. Is it me running the coir you. A growing medium or grow medium is what you're growing your cannabis roots in , whether that substance is soil, perlite, coco coir, Rockwool, vermiculite, water. Garden soil is usually far too heavy and dense for indoor use and should be best soil to use is that which is formulated and blended specifically for.