Sam Powell

What does two rational solutions mean


on 27.08.2018 at 16:23

A quadratic equation that has only one rational solution will be one where: 0) This means that the curve will not cross the x-axis in two places. What is the solution of a quadratic equation: Two Real SolutionsIf the discriminant is a perfect square the roots are rational. Two Real Rational Solutions. The discriminant tells us whether there are two solutions, one solution, or no A negative discriminant indicates that neither of the solutions are real numbers. .. For example, if you have 1/2 as a fraction, this means you would have two equal .

Another requirement is that (b2 > 4ac) to avoid imaginary solutions. Besides having solutions Often the solutions to quadratic equations are rational numbers, which are integers or fractions. (where means "and so on"). If is a perfect square, the roots are rational. Otherwise Hence, to say that a quadratic has "two different imaginary solutions" is almost always incorrect. John. The discriminant is the expression found under the square root part of the If, there are no real solutions, but there are two complex imaginary solutions.