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How to block youtube in mikrotik routers


on 26.08.2018 at 21:58

Home» MikroTik Firewall • MikroTik Router» MikroTik Block Website (Facebook, Block Facebook, YouTube with MikroTik Filter Rule. There are many ways to block or filter contents on MikroTik such as routing,DNS, Web Proxy and Firewall Below I'll show you how to block. i need block facebook and youtube from mobile android and iphone Mikrotik makes it so you cant install any software onto their routers, what.

Using MikroTik RouterOS (v) Since 14 December • RouterOS x86 at PC student not focus to study. • So MikroTik Come with solution to block and control the traffic ☺ . Then block with /ip. Mikrotik: How to Block Facebook – Youtube and Other sites using L7 (Layer7) . just tell me how to block sites like utube anda other tolent on mikrotik router. Scenario. You work in a small company having a Mikrotik Router. Your internet connection has became too slow, and after investigating you.

There are a couple of ways that you can block websites on Mikrotik Routers. One of the easiest and resource efficient ways to do this on a MT is.