Sam Powell

How to play tiny tower app


on 26.08.2018 at 07:36

Tiny Tower lets you build a tiny tower and manage the businesses and bitizens that inhabit it! - Make money to build new types of floors and attract bitizens to live . Tiny Tower is a simulation game where you are in charge of building a skyscraper and adding apartments, residents, and floors to it. In the game, you collect coins and Tower Bux, which you can use to expand the tower, stock floors, move new residents in, and more. You can use Tower. Welcome to my Tiny Tower guide. Tiny Tower is a simulation game for iOS and Android created by NimbleBit. Read the articles below to find.

about Tiny Tower. Download Tiny Tower and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. + Player visitors now have full priority for delivery + Number of . Tiny Tower is a business simulation video game developed by NimbleBit, released on June 23, On May 25, , NimbleBit announced the return of Tiny Tower to the app store with some new upgrades to the app Each bitizen has a dream job, and the player is rewarded five "Tower Bux" for placing them in that job. Tiny Tower may not be everyone's cup of tea, but that hasn't stopped me from obsessing over it and playing it way too much in the past week.

To get started in playing Tiny Tower, you'll first need to download the into the Game Center app that can be found on your home screen.