Sam Powell

How to discipline cats


on 26.08.2018 at 11:50

You love your cat. You really do. But your furry friend certainly has an independent streak and can be quite feisty at times. You need to know how to discipline a. Cats are mischievous but sometimes they also misbehave. Find out if it is okay to discipline a cat and how you can safely and effectively do so. Cats can display some curious and sometimes bad behaviors. See some simple ways to discipline your cat to nip those bad behaviors in the bud.

Easy cat discipline tips and advice that your cat will understand without violence. Find out how to stop bad cat behavior. How to Discipline Cats. When you love your cat, it can be hard to discipline him. Even when he is being bad, he can be so cute and cuddly that you don't want to. How to Discipline Your Cat or Kitten. You feel like you are at your wit's end because your cat just won't stop scratching your furniture, urinating outside of her/ his.

Punishment rarely works because cats don't have a social structure that recognizes you as the dominant being in the home, they only. Unfortunately, cats don't respond to lecturing or typical forms of discipline. They aren't like dogs who see you as the leader of their pack and are.