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Who won i am singer 2 shila


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I Am a Singer (season 2), is the second season of the Chinese TV series I Am a Singer Chinese Singer Han Lei was the winner of the season, with Hong Kong singer G.E.M. finishing as .. Due to Luo's withdrawal, one more singer for a total of two singers substituted the singers; they were Man Wenjun and Shila Amzah. NurShahila binti Amir Amzah (born 13 August ), known as Shila Amzah is a Malaysian After coming in as the first runner-up of One in A Million (season 2), she was called "Shila OIAM". She didn't like . Shila's popularity rose in China after I Am a Singer aired beside her performance at the Asian Wave. Throughout . I Am a Singer is a Chinese reality show broadcast on Hunan Television. It is based . G.E.M. · Malaysia Shila Amzah Prior to Season 2, there were two " Ultimate Winner Candidates", hence there were no third-place singers.

Shila Amzah will perform at finals of I Am A Singer 2 despite backlash over MH Shila Amzah Im deeling (feeling) so much better today. Shila Amzah will perform on the finals of I Am A Singer 2 tomorrow despite backlash from China's Im deeling (feeling) so much better today. Shila Amzah stood out in the China TV contest, I Am A Singer 2. In , she was the first runner-up in the Malaysian show, One In A.

Why Malaysian Muslim singer Shila Amzah had to move to China have won Malaysia-born singer Shila Amzah (known to her fans as Shila) millions of fans all Even during last year's I Am a Singer, her skills were still minimal. . 2. Why hypocritical Jackie Chan's empty confessions deserve no sympathy. In , she won the Asia New Singer Competition. Shila 2. She was recently listed in the Forbes' 30 Under 30 Asia which recognises young. Remember when I said that the I Am A Singer 我是歌手 finale was going to be good? Han Lei actually had two partners instead of one, so it ended up being a (A peculiar song choice given Shila's role in the competition).