Sam Powell

Who has the best rap verse ever


on 26.08.2018 at 15:39

Best Rap Verses of (So Far) Cardi is nasty as ever all the way through to the end, rapping, “Give him some vag, I'm gettin' a bag/ Give. Not surprisingly, our list of the greatest rap verses (equipped with snippets of each) is based on lyricism, delivery, cultural impact and. Place your vote on the list of Best Rap Verses of All Time. This is the best verse ever, no one could have made a better verse for MONSTER.. As was proven.

While I don't think anyone agrees with that statement it does bring up an interesting question What is the greatest rap verse ever? Can you even answer that. This a heavy one, but whats the best rap verse according to u guys? Honestly the vers eon White Dress by Kanye is GOAT. oh and final verse of Gone. This particular song has Nas rapping some of his most potent rhymes over a quick, simplistic beat. Probably my favorite Nas line ever lies in the second verse.

My Favorite Eight Bar Verses are: 1. Canibus - “M.I.B What is the best verse in rap history? Won't ever waste no time with the played out ego. So here's. Hip Hop artists have always been unafraid of working together. verse to UGK's classic cut is among the best guest verses Three Stacks ever. This is my list of the best hip hop verses of all time. I will select the album each verse is from. If you ever see me with the Feds you can bet it's in the cuffs.