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What does buska hosa meanng


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Many Finns use profanity in everyday speech more than people of other nationalities. While not A pejorative meaning can be achieved by using the same helvetin ("of hell") in front of a noun, e.g. helvetin bussi oli myöhässä "the damned bus. You are at: Big In Finland» Curiosities» Finnish swearwords – a list of It is heard a lot as voi vittu (with the meaning of “Oh, crap”), too. Top definition. Buskaunknown. when a animal, or specifically a dog by Megan22 February 12, Get the mug. Get a Buska mug for your cousin Rihanna.

Phrase, Meaning, Is This Accurate? Aalio (A and o with umlauts), Moron, (84%) ( 16%). Do stomen stinken grease, You stink like a pig, (6%) (94%). Haista paska!. From Swedish Helvete, with the fucking same meaning. Often used example: phrase is "What the fucking hell?" In Finnish "Mitä helvettiä?" Some words used to. Bloke: (uncertain origin) Buska: tramp woman, crude farmhand Dagslátta: amount of grassland that can be mowed in one day .. Hosa: with socks.

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