Sam Powell

Make road worn guitar how to


on 26.08.2018 at 00:30

Do you play guitar, or do you just love the instrument? If so, have you come across the trend for custom guitars? It's often called 'relicing guitars'. discuss relicing a guitar, they are talking about making a newer instrument look worn. Look at road worn guitars and notice areas like where your hand rests. hey guys, im going to buy a squier, just to make it road worn. i really like this beat up look, could anyone help me out on how to start this.

I decided I was going to make my own "budget" Road Worn 50's Surf Green Strat. finish that came on the Road Worn series guitar and the original 50's Strats. Nailing the look and feel of a vintage guitar takes time. Guys like "Everybody's got their own way. But I've worked on enough vintage guitars to know how they wear, where they wear and how they should feel." Top photo: Jim. I gotta be honest there are few things more obnoxious to me than a brand new guitar that has been made to LOOK like it has been beat to hell.

So, I buy new guitars and used guitars that are like new. I just like a guitar's finish to be nice and fresh. Why do people/companies take perfectly.